Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Big ups to those that enjoy life and don't nag about the global crisis.

Kudos to those that care only about one thing in life, fun.

Pat on the back to those that can and do dance.

Finally applause to those who can appreciate the importance of music.

These are the people we admire. These are our role models!

But we digress. Another regularirregular night is coming close so gird up your loins and get down to it.

To help you limber up we have prepared a new podcast, the fourth installment to our series.

This one is named after our party. Percolate! Yes, percolate.

A word that was commonly used by the Chicago house artist.

Also, the noun form of this word was seen in the rider of a living legend of house music.

Why would a dj ask for a percolator, we do not know. It does sound kinda funny though.

So, this podcast once more is optimized for use on apple media players yet it should perform just spot on on any other similar device of software.

If you encounter any problems please contacts us. Our technicians are working day and night.

We hope you enjoy it and we encourage you to send us your feedback, either positive or negative. Feel free to express yourselves!