Sunday, 29 March 2009


In order to maximize the regularirregular experience we have added a podcast series to our give-away goodies.

The name: regularirregular_thepodcast 

The content: Shows will have variable content, depending on our mood at the time of recording 

This episode: is called 'Cool Dance' (full name: #001, March 2009, Cool Dance). It comprises tunes that we like to dance too. A mixture of older and new favorites 

Specs: Our podcasts are optimized for use on iPhone's, iPod's, Apple TV. They should be compatible with any other media. Unfortunately we don't have any available to test 'em. Apologies for this aggravation. Should you face any problems reading the ID3 tags (the metadata attached to the files, please report to 

All regularirregular podcasts are produced for promotional purposes. We are making no money out of distributing them. Please respect the content of each podcast. Rights to the included tracks remain courtesy of the artists or their publishing bodies. 

You can download our stuff here: 

Our podcast will soon be available on iTunes and 

Do you want to help us become better and help us help you utilize your audio-visual experience? Send us your feedback. We truly read and take into account anything you send us. We are No kidding!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Our little naked people

Thank you all for your support and private messages. We really appreciate the support we are getting so far..Keep it coming, this is what we need!
We would like to answer a question that many of you have posed regarding the nudity on our logo. Actually we will give you a hint not an answer. 
Think of them as the regular and at the same time as the irregular guests / performers of our nights...Use your imagination.."Why are they naked"? Feel free to post your comments or contact us privately.


Venues and dates are soon to be announced.
Keep in touch for news and events' updates and please feel free to drop us a line!!!