Sunday, 26 April 2009

regularirregular_thepodcast #002

Here's the second episode of our podcast... We know you are all excited, wait until you hear it. 
This is a live session, hence the fade in-fade out bits.
So...since the weather is getting better, and summer is already at the threshold, we thought that a dubbed out mix would be more appropriate. We do not want to tire you with yet another party mix, as you may already have plenty on your media player. Anyways, there's plenty of time for these things in the future. 

The title of this episode: Sunday the beach. You catch our drift! 
Put in your media player, ideally play it at a phat sound-system and enjoy all those mesmerizing Sundays sunbathing, swimming, sleeping, eating, networking, drinking, dancing or whatever it is that you like doing

Here's the link:

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ps. This mix is for promotional use only, therefore please respect the effort spent and its content. Rights to these tracks remain property of the composing artists and/or their publishing bodies. As usual, our podcast is optimized for use at iphones, ipods, apple tv's...sorry to all you people using other media players. the podcast will play good enough to enjoy, yet we are unsure whether your player can read the metadata

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